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"The original clutch on my '85 325e finally died just short of 350,000 miles.

Matt O."

GOOD GOD! Why the hell can't we get clutches like these?
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Yeah-- those E30s were very solidly built. I think they're interiors are nicer than the the e36 and in some ways nicer than the e46. The mechanicals were a lot more "bullet proof" too. Hmmm, all of this talk is making me want to snap an old e30 up. :dunno:
I've been looking for a 1987-90 E30 325is for a few months and I haven't had much luck. I'm being farily picking. I shouldn't have sold the one I had. I was the 2nd owner of a 87 E30 325is. 1st owner was a friend.
This just makes me sick... I'm on my second clutch at 10.7K miles (no, it was NOT my fault).

OTOH, it does mean that I will have an excuse to switch to an LTW flywheel in the relatively near future. Just loan the car to my Dad for a couple days. He drives a WRX, and hasn't yet learned to launch below 3500RPMs, and usually revs it to 4500. Then he launches slowly. :dunno: :dunno: :dunno: Once upon a time, he was a great driver. His driving went to hell soon after he upgraded from a manual 325i to a 740i Sport. :dunno:

Ah well.
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