Since the time that synthetic motor oils first entered the mainstream in the 1990s, there has been an explosion in the number and variety of engine lubricants on offer. There isn’t a motor oil producer out there that doesn’t have its own collection of full-synthetic oils, each with its own unique additive packages – viscosity and friction modifiers, detergents, dispersants, and so on. The old conventional wisdom that “oil is oil,” has never been less true than today – a time when a motor oil is only as good as the team of chemists behind it.

All of this is to say: when it comes to protecting the engine in your BMW* from wear, keeping it running like new for years to come, stick to a brand you can trust. Stick to Motul, a brand that develops and produces its own lubricants formally approved by BMW and several other Original Equipment Manufacturers. The first oil specialists to produce ester based synthetic engine lubricants starting in 1971 and pioneering the technology for 50+ years.

As a rule of thumb, any product that’s good enough for BMW M Motorsports is good enough for your daily driver, and Motul has its hands in just about every form of motorsport under the sun – from rally to endurance racing, Formula 3 to MotoGP. Granted, you probably won’t find yourself blasting around Spa-Francorchamps, holding your BMW’s engine right around redline as you mat the throttle through Eau Rouge. But it’s nice to know that you’ve got a motor oil designed to be able to endure those conditions..

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And no, we’re not just being poetic here; Motul 300V is the engine lubricant of choice for multiple recognizable racing outfits, including BMW M Motorsport. – one of our new go-to sources for BMW parts – even carries the stuff, offering a range of different viscosities to suit numerous models and use cases. If it’s a BMW track or autocross car that you’re shopping chemicals for, 300V might just be the missing ingredient you’ve been waiting for, with its exclusive, advanced ESTER Core® technology to deliver more power through reduced friction, more reliability with its high-temperature resistance, and more protection thanks to an optimized polarity. Pair it with Motul’s RBF 600 or RBF 660 Racing Brake Fluid and you’ve got a double-threat. RBF 600 and RBF 660 are both fully-synthetic brake fluids with polyglycol bases, which far exceed DOT 4 specifications in the US – by, like, a lot. To earn DOT 4 specification, a brake fluid needs to have a “dry” boiling point of 446 degrees Fahrenheit. RBF 660’s boiling point? A staggering 617 degrees Fahrenheit** – more than 100 degrees greater than is required of DOT 5.1 fluid.

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Of course, it isn’t just racing drivers that Motul caters to; no matter what BMW* you drive, Motul probably has the perfect lubrication for it. The Motul 8100 oil range, also available at, is a top-tier full-synthetic engine oil engineered to meet the specifications of a wide range of different automakers. That includes BMW*, and in fact, Motul 8100 is approved for use in every BMW model currently on offer in the US market. Alternatively, Motul’s SPECIFIC oil range is less Swiss-Army-knife and more laser-focused-on-meeting-one-OEM’s-specifications. Like Motul 8100, SPECIFIC is a premium-quality full-synthetic motor oil. Yet unlike 8100, with SPECIFIC, you don’t need to worry about paying for additives not necessary in BMW engines or having an oil that’s versatile at the expense of delivering the ultimate performance; Motul SPECIFIC is tailor-made for your BMW.

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Motul even offers motor oils specifically formulated for modern classics – or so-called “youngtimer” – vehicles. Motul Classic Eighties, available for purchase at, is made specifically for collectible road cars from the 1980s like the E30 3-Series, E28 5-Series, and E24 6-Series. Motor oils of the time were formulated differently than they are today, often relying on more ZDDP (Zinc dialkyl dithiophosphates) to help form a more protective film over some engine internals. MOTUL Classic oils are formulated with a combination of High Zinc, Phosphorus (ZDDP content >1800 ppm) and Molybdenum additives to offer supreme protection against wear due to high friction developed with high-lift, flat-tappet cams. Combining Molybdenum with ZDDP has proven to be the ultimate concoction increasing the engine efficiency and power through lowering friction and added lubrication film strength. Motul Classic Nineties is, of course, formulated specifically to meet the unique needs of engines from the 1990s, like those in the E36 3-Series, E34 5-Series, and first-generation Z3.

To give our customers an extra degree of protection and efficiency, we added more Moly-based friction modifiers, which along with the ZDDP, will round-up the perfect protection package for your Classic ride.

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If you’re ready to experience the performance and protection that Motul motor oils can offer your BMW, offers ready-made oil change kits for a variety of modern and classic BMW car models to make getting everything you need a breeze. These kits come with the proper amount of oil to match your car’s oil capacity, a new filter, and any necessary gaskets or o-rings, meaning you don’t have to waste any time hunting around for the right part numbers – or worse, risk ordering the wrong o-rings altogether. oil change kits with Motul motor oil are available from some of the most popular past BMW models, including the E36 328i and E36/E46 323i, the E53 X5 crossover, E85 and E86 Z4 models, and numerous others.

Visit now to find the right Motul motor oil or oil change kit for your BMW.