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I'm looking replacing my front pads very soon. I don't think I need new rotors, and maybe the sensor change also (I know that sensors are optional...based on everyone's opinion of them).

What do you guys recommend for pads?

What about the rotors?

I tend to drive a little more aggressive when in the feels for it, but it's an old beast with 105k KM on it, so can't abuse her too much.

Your opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated (using this forum for everything, as I'm a DIY guy, and this is my first bimmer):thumbup:

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Your not going to find aftermarket rotors for an X5M. I've tried.
EBC lists part numbers for them, but they dont actually make them.
I've got a set of rears on order - supposed ship date of 12/19. We'll see if they actually make those.

I got a set of EBC green rear pads. Nothing yet for the fronts.
I've heard that Bosch makes some replacment pads, but havent verified the part numbers.

I've found that these aftermarket companies arent all that on the up and up.

Here's a link to my thread on this:
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