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front end springs

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does anyone know where i can get font end spring that will lower my front end an inch or two. i can find lowering kits with all four springs but all i need are the front springs, why pay for more than i need! i would even buy a set of used springs if someone has a pair that they want to sell. any suggestions would be great.
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I have a set of M3 1998 springs sitting in the garage let me know if you are interested. The only problem is that I'm not sure if they will lower you car.
front springs

let me talk to my mech and see if they will work, if so i want them. i was wondering if M3 springs might work. all of the E36 M3's i have seen do set a little lower than my car, so i will call my mech tomarrow and get back to you by weeks end. i will send a pm mess to you. thanks! heres a pics of my car so you will see whay i want to lower it a little.


yeah! you are right. Tha front it's pretty high.
i gotta fix that

you see what i mean. the rear sits fine, but the front has got to be lower. i'm sure the M3 springs will lower it but like i said i will talk to my mech to make sure they will work on my car unless you know if they will or not.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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