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Front grille surrounds in body color

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Don't really like the chrome look on a white car. Trying some things to see what they look like in body color.
The front grilles '00 on are chrome surrounds with chrome on the leading edge of the black slats. The pre '00 ones are chrome surrounds with black slats. These are the ones I had done in body color.
Grille front with chrome 51 13 8 412 949 & 50. $25.75 retail each.
Grille front without chrome 51 13 8 397 503 & 4, $20.75 retail each.
When you body color any of this plastic stuff make sure they do not bake it. They distorted two of my items baking them. You would think that they would have stopped baking after ruining the first one. The second item they messed up was one of the side gill chrome pieces. Since these retail for $169.00 per side, I hope that they make good on it. We'll see.

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Hey, I didn't think that would look so good but that's not bad...I think the surround would look good in black too.

those foglights...


what are those superninja foglights you have on your m coupe? they look really neat.


Upper left in the following pic. I had them powder coated in blue.

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If anyone wants an extra set of kidneys to carry out some tests, e-mail me, I replaced the stock ones with full chrome ones.
Anyone painted the surronds on a Titanium?

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