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Friends - I live in Boston MA and my 440 is going to be my daily driver 365. I don't think I can afford to bring the front bumper any lower to the ground, but god do I love the way the carbon looks over the two lower front air inlets (no idea what to call them).

It doesn't appear you can purchase just the side components through BMW - You'll have to get the lower lip that extends across the entire bumper (is it one piece?).

I'll attach an image of my vehicle (just dropped off from Salt Lake City last night fyi!) with the bumper areas to which I'm referring circled.

I'll also add an example of what I've found at RW Carbon, who it appears have probably heard from people trying to solve the same problem.

Has anyone tried to solve this problem? I may be a first time poster here, but I promise I tried to search diligently... I've found nothing.

I'm thinking my other option may be a CF wrap... I plan to replace the mirror caps with the BMW CF mirror caps. I think it will look really good on the glacier silver.

Look forward to hearing from you and being a value add member of the community!


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