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Hello all:

*** Updated price 2014/07/29 - $17,749 ***

I'm looking to sell my much-loved 2003 760Li with 104k miles. My asking price is $17,749, which I will continue to lower until it sells. Quite simply, the wife won't let me pour any more money into it. I won't beat around the bush - the V12 E66's are NOT cheap cars to own.

More photos here:


This car is beautiful but not flawless. Cosmetically nearly perfect, and the core mechanics have treated me well, but the car is not without it's bugaboos: Please see the computer warnings in last photo for catalytic converter light, broken tire pressure monitoring system, and parking lamp. Car passes state emission checks despite the computer whining about one of the catalytic converters.

Maintenance is not cheap so please be sure you know what you're getting into.

I've stayed on top of the major maintenance: Transmission oil and single-use pan were flushed and replaced at 100k miles. High pressure fuel pump was replaced in 2012. Spark plugs, ignition coils, and fuel injectors were all replaced at the same time as the fuel pump.

Car is loaded with comfort seats in front and in back, adaptive cruise control, suede headliner, 6.0 Liter ~430 HP V12. Heated and cooled seats x4, massage front seats, cooled cup-holders. Two built in refrigerated compartments, including a champagne cooler between the rear seats. Was ~$130,000 new. Actual gas mileage averages ~16 in city, ~22 highway.

I've been a long time lurker and first time poster. Thanks for being such an awesome community for a moocher like me. I welcome all serious offers.

Note to mods: I've noticed that it takes some time to get both new posts and edited posts reviewed and approved, and that while pending review an edit to a post causes the entire post to disappear from the forum. I appreciate that this is to moderate scams. I created this as a *new* thread to replace my existing thread to prevent the listing from disappearing while mod review is pending (I've been updating the price and losing market exposure). I hope this is an acceptable practice. Please let me know if it is not. This thread supersedes the original thread here:
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