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I bought these as a backup set for my 525, but now my focus in on the 540 so I don't need these. One of the rims I got had been touched up with paint over some old rash, but was otherwise perfect, so I put it in the trunk and pulled the MINT spare from the 525i to put into this set. No tires, just the coolest OE rims ever put on a Bimmer.

Here's what you get:

- 1 UNUSED NEW Rim. This has been in the trunk with an untouched spare on it since '01. It's new for all practical purposes. No need for pics here. It is what it is.

-2 MINT Rims. No rash anywhere at all, no chipping for flaking, no corrosion on the rivets. Again, I can take pics, but there's nothing to show. Just imagine new rims that have been on a car for a couple of thousand miles and removed with no damage.

-1 EXCELLENT Rim. It does have a couple of small nicks on the rim that look like tool marks. I'll photograph these in detail using a dime for scale and send them to interested parties.

- 4 MINT Center Caps PLUS the tool.

$1250 for the set.

PM me for pics or I'll post some when I get a chance.

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