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Time to clear out the garage for winter - four sets of wheels is maybe a little excessive :angel:

I had this set on the '07 335i coupe that I sold last year and had intended to use them as a winter set for my M3. I recently decided, instead, to pick up a set with A/S tires and required little cleaning so these are now up for sale.

I ordered these back in April of 2011 and put about 4,000mi on them before I RTS'd the 335i in October. Fronts and rears each have 7/32" tread depth remaining. I'd give the wheel condition about a 9/10. There's a small nick on each of the front wheels and a small scratch area on one of the rears. All four wheels come with OEM (Beru) TPMS compatible with cars up to 2008.

I paid about $2600 originally.

Asking price is $1600 OBO +Shipping from 31407.

Beyern Rapp, Painted Silver Faces, Polished Aluminum Lip

Fronts: 19x8.5 ET 30 on 235/35R19 PSS (~52lb each corner)
Rears: 19x9.5 ET 30 on 265/30R19 PSS (~54lb each corner)

Entire album

Sorry for the poor quality on that one, the car's been gone for almost a year now. :dunno:
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