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I purchased this rare E30 a couple of years ago and have not been able to put the time or money that it deserves into it. When I first got it from a shop in NJ, I stripped mostly all of the interior down to the wiring harness in preparation for some extensive body work due to the 1x2 ft hole in the driver’s side floor-pan. I did not find much other rust apart from that main patch after gutting it all. The dash has a couple of cracks in it that could probably be plastic welded back together and the seats/doorcards are in pretty decent shape. I have all of the factory Zender body kit parts as well. I was told the engine was rebuilt pretty recently before I bought it but it did not have a good AFM on it so I could not start it at the time. I do not have the factory rims either.

According to some research done by members on forums, BMW only brought between 800-900 of these into the US in 1989 and even less 5-speed ones.

Whole vehicle $1,500 obo

Please ask about what parts you would like.


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