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I recently posted about a 320is I imported and have just listed it on eBay!

This is an incredibly unique E30.

Description from the auction:

2-Door E30 320is built for the Italian and Portuguese markets
1 of only 3 registered 2-Door 320is in the USA (Imported and titled in the USA in 2015)

Engine: S14B20 2.0L S14 de-stroked producing 192HP versus 200HP produced by the E30 M3's S14B23
Gearbox: Close-Ratio 5-Speed Dogleg
Rear End: 3.46LSD
Mileage: 109,000
Trim: MTechnic II (Suspension, Bodywork)

Exterior: Diamond Schwartz Metallic
Interior: Anthracite

Sport Seats
Electric Windows
Electric Sunroof
Map Lights in Rear View Mirror
Suede MTech Steering Wheel

The 320is was built as a replacement for the overly taxed and poorly selling 325i in the Italian and Portuguese markets. Nicknamed the 'Italian M3' for its capabilities and limited market exposure the 320is is so much more than a 325i replacement. Sporting a modified S14 engine, close ratio dogleg gearbox and MTechnic suspension the 320is is the ultimate E30 sleeper.

I'm not divulging the reserve at this time because I want to see where the auction goes but would be happy to answer any questions about the car you have.
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