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2001 740il
Mileage: 156,xxx
Color: Metallic Blue/Beige
Location: Orlando
Asking $4300 obo

I bought the car a few months ago, after selling my e36 convertible, in NY when i lived there. The car was from Florida and not long after I drove it back down to Florida, where i live now. It drove great all the way down, smoothest trip i have taken. I got it around 151,xxx on the clock and is now at 156,xxx. Cosmetically it is good inside and out. It has some scratches and dings from the previous owner and a crack in the front bumper from me. Inside it has wear in the usual places like the front seats and armrest, but overall good condition. I like to keep my car clean. Mechanically i will say good because it runs great, but on start up sometimes it gives off some smoke. Other times there will be no smoke and there is no smoke while driving. It also has an oil leak, nothing heavy, but will leave some spots. Overall i like the car but i want to go back to a 3 series, mostly because it more fun. haha :D

Some things new things i have done:
tie rods and center drag link
brake pads
LED interior lights
valve cover gaskets
Component speakers and tweeters


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