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I no longer have my car and need to clear up some space. I have a set of 22" wheels and tires for sale. The pics you see were on my old car. 3 wheels in great shape and and one needs to be repaired. 3/4 tires have plenty of tread on them, Pirelli tires. They are brushed aluminum face with a chrome lip. I love these wheels and paid almost $7k (when the economy was good and wheels were as much as cars)

As I said above one of the wheels was bent when I hit a pothole. I took them off, put my stock wheels on and ended up getting rid of the car. These have been sitting for over a year, I ever got that m6 I wanted to put these on. You can either repair the lip if possible for about $100-$150 or replace the lip for a few hundred, Im sure wheels companies are hurting right now so it may cost less to replace.

I am only asking $500 for everything. If you are a serious buyer I can send you some detailed pics of the damage, Its on the inside of the wheel. Im located in Orange County CA and will not ship. I want to keep it a local sale and not deal with the hassle. Sorry guys.

The best way to get a hold of me is my cell
Vince 714 833 3940

Thanks for looking

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