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FS 97 540i E39 6spd M

https:// *******/photos/48wQWAJEcb7p52Ut6

Hello all, time to let go of the fun car. heres your holy grail e39 non-m5 non-vanos 6sp with some decent upgrades, and of course issues.
First the brightside.
NEW Parts list (within last 3k miles)
Knock sensors, Valley pan, CCV aka PCV. heater hoses, water pump, water pump aluminum pulley, coolant bottle, low coolant sensor, fan clutch, belts, valve cover gaskets (passenger still leaks), BM Perf Coils, new plugs, cam sensor, oem AC compressor, reciever dryer, air filter, MAF, intake pipe, Front right abs sensor, rear right abs sensor, front right timken wheel bearing, All rotors drill/slot, pads Axxis i think, KONI FSD Gold on original springs (Rides Grrreat!), front lower control arms, sway bar links, rear m5 lower control arms with new pivot bearing joints (throw in real tool for those), rear upper control arms, front seats cable kit not installed but new for the next owner who wants to fix the comfort seats. BMW Roof racks, Class 1 hitch with ball and wiring done. (never towed anything, ever, waste for me)
Tires Front Nitto Neo gens, rear Nexens.
18" BMW Option rims 37 i think was the # look like BBS style staggered with nice lips on each. polished aluminum.
Dinan Muffler, Still has cats but its loud, it pops spits and gurgles. a lot of people love this cars sound!

The ugly
Car is salvage title due to front right wreck 2 owners ago. car drives straight, has no issues in driveability. The hood and inner hood section shows some repair and isnt perfect.
Paint has seen better days. Needs paint job. Clear flaking off on parts of the car.
Driver seat is nearly non-functional, intermittent issues with motor responding. the cables in both front seats are stripped of some functions. i have the new cables and they will be included in sale for these seats however i will not install them. stock radio wiring was ripped out. aftermarket works great but only running 4 speakers. additional wires and rca's are in trunk ready for amps and some new wires for new speakers. 3 sets rca's are run. buttons missing on climate control however it works great.
Intermitten ABS issue, seemingly front left sensor not failed. System was working fine till recently. have another front ABS sensor for it, no time to fix. Passenger valve cover replaced, reseated few times, still leaks. lose quart every 2k miles. after fresh work done on waterpump, radiator plug leaks slightly stripped out. very slow.

Everything listed in parts is over $6k in 2 years with no labor as I am in the mechanic and this is not my first/second or even third go around. This is a enthusiast forum and i'm not looking to lie just to sell it. It's a good car, needs another good mechanic guy/girl to finish bringing this thing back. could be a great show car. I am a painter/body/fabricator/tuner/mechanic/engineer. I build race cars, boats and have even done airplanes. I am just too busy to deal with this car and i've gone big diesel. the new adventure.

finish this project, make me an offer.

540ibmwfl4sale at gmail

Flame on!

As-Is no warranty no money back

List Date: 7/7/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: FS 97 540i E39 6spd M
This item is no longer available.


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