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FS Activeautowerke stage1 supercharger

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Here for sale is a very low mileage AA stage 1 supercharger for an e46 330 ms43. About 80 miles or so on the entire kit, so essentially brand new. This is a very, very complete and clean kit nearly 100% ready to re install. Well marked, and every part except the main bracket is bagged and tagged.

Lets start with whats missing or wrong..
The MAF extender is really a one time use. Get a new one from AA or make your own. It was just 3 strands of 16ga wire and the couple pieces of heat shrink for it.

The P/S reservoir extender. Again get it from AA or make your own. A hose splicer barb from a hardware store and small length of hose would accomplish the same thing.

Will need a bottle of traction fluid. I can send you what i was able to get out of it(almost half a bottle)if you want, but you'd still need more.

A tune. Once again get it from AA (i couldnt figure out how much this costs exactly, from previous threads it seems 500-700 is the cost, but i really dont know) or source your own tuning.

One boot has a 1/2 inch tear in it, the boot from the snail pipe the the compressor inlet. It never gave me a problem, but i didnt run it very long either. There is a picture of it.

There are superficial scratches on the snail pipe and intake/BOV pipe. Also the BOV pipe is drilled and tapped for a methanol nozzle. The thread is 1/8 NPT. use it for its intended purpose or buy an appropriate plug.

Now lets discuss what it comes with...

As mentioned before, this entire system has about 80 miles on it, 65 of those was the sub 3k RPM break in period. So essentially 15 miles or so on it.

Compressor: been capped on inlet and outlet since it came off, also have small plugs in the oil ports.

Main bracket: has evidence of mounting, since it was mounted. Has the two main mounting bolts, as well as the four from the bracket to the compressor.

Belt tensioners: Has the new non plunger tensioner with bolt. Has the two new tensioners that mount on the main bracket with spacers and respective bolts.

Hoses: the hose that goes from oil separator to snail pipe already has the quick connector on it, and its already cut to length, same goes for the check valve between the purge valve and line it connects to. I suggest taking your old ones off and keeping them whole in case you want to revert back to stock, you'll have them to put back. (this will make more sense if you look at the directions, i promise) The small vacuum line from the back of the manifold to BOV and FPR are ready to go also.

Check valve: See above.

Boots and connectors: All boots except one (pictured) are in excellent shape and have all their respective clamps attached to them. This includes: snail to compressor inlet, snail to BOV, Compressor outlet to intake/BOV pipe, intake/BOV pipe to throttle body and the various connectors you may need to connect the snail pipe to your MAF and air filter.

Fuel injectors: All 6 upgraded injectors are present, along with the fuel rail spacers and longer bolts.

Spark plugs: Colder single electrode spark plugs also present.

Compressor brace: Brace is intact with all hardware and spacer.

Blow off valve: BOV is perfect with mounting bolts. Gasket stayed on the pipe side, you may want to replace, but its in good condition still.

Simon2 cable: Cable is present and in its original box.

Oiling system: Canister is present, and a little oily as i forgot to get plugs for it. It is in a plastic ziplock bag. One of its mounting tabs is bent (pictured) as i had to custom mount it. All lines are fray/cut free and capped with bolts to try and keep contaminates out of the line, although they were bagged on take off so there is no doubt they are contaminate free. The cooler is in its original box with no wear on it. Same with the mounting bracket for it. It is missing one of the four nuts. Although the holes were badly misaligned and i could never get the fourth bolt through anyways. I just attached it with three of them. Canister mounting bracket and bolt also present. Have all banjo bolts and copper washers.

Badging: Original AA trunk badge and kit serial plate still present and unused.

Ballast relocator: Headlight ballast relocator is present and still in its orignal packaging, i didnt need it as i have Halogens.

Air filter block off plate: Still in original packaging as it wasnt applicable to my install.

Belt: Belt is present and free of any cracks or frays.

I think i covered it all. As i mentioned, everything is in bags and the bags are labelled. I'm looking around $4,250.00 US shipped OBO(continental). I"ll international ship, but you'll be on the hook for any and all applicable shipping, duty, port, customs, etc charges.

Selling because i really should have used this money for an F30. i shouldnt be dumping money into my E46 anymore, unfortunately.

I'll link all my pictures of all the parts, i dont want to upload 47 pictures here. ill have this kit up on bimmerfest and ebay as well.

Instructions: sc.pdf

If you have any questions please, feel free to reach out to me and ill answer as best, and as soon as i can.

Email: [email protected]
Phone(text is highly preferred as I rarely can pick up): seven75-77one-75nine7
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Un-needed bump. Make me an offer. I may have a way around buying tuning for it, not completely sure though.
Bump with price decrease 3,500.
Bump. Make an offer? You never know.
Sold. thanks.
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