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Posted for a friend:


Decided to sell my headunit to try something different. Used in the car for about 6 months and is immaculate condition including the box! Those who know me can say just how insane I am about keeping my stuff flawless. This is ALPINE's 2001 second to the top of the line Head Unit designated with the "79" in the 7965 model number meaning its for serious audio sytems with amps etc... This headunit will work with stereo setups with amps only. (all alpine's top of the line headunits does not employ an internal amp) Unit retails for around $650 new and I paid $575 for it. I'm only asking $375 firm plus shipping (its a steal! ) Comes with everything the unit came with in mint condition.

Here are some specs:

Bass Engine Plus(tm)

MaxTune SQ Tuner

Multi-Color CFL Display

Versatile Link Ready

BBE Processor

3 PreOuts

4 Volt DC-DC PreOut

CD Text & CD Text Display

Dual Illumination

Regulated 1-Bit DAC

Anti-Theft Detachable Face

Swing Mechanism

Wireless Remote Control Included
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