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FS: BMW Apple iPhone 4 Snap In Adapter - SOLD

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Hi Everybody,

I got rid of my iphone 4 and therefore don't need this anymore. This for for vehicles equipped with the smart phone integration option or BMW APPS factory options. It will work for the Apple iPhone 4. Part number:

Per BMW:

This adapter is for vehicles equipped with the Smart Phone Integration or BMW APPS factory options.

For vehicles with Smart Phone Integration, this adapter not only charges the phone, but allows access to any music or MP3 files stored on the phone. In addition, it provides a connection to the roof mounted telephone antenna on your car for improved cellular reception.

For vehicles with BMW APPS, this adapter is required to fully utilize all features of this option. In addition to the great features noted for Smart Phone integration, it allows you to use the "PlugIn" as well as the "Video Playback" features.

To ensure a phone is supported and compatible with the vehicle, refer to the list of tested phones available at
Only applicable to vehicles produced after 9/2010 and equipped with either Smart Phone Integration (option code 6NF) or BMW APPS (option code 6NR). BMW APPS is compatible only with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

For anybody with AT&T, this is a MUST HAVE! It greatly increases the poor cell phone reception of AT&T service. This retails for $250 plus local sales tax. My asking price $SOLD including shipping within the CONUS. Please PM me if you have any questions. Thanks.

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Price reduction. PM me with questions. Thanks.
Another Price reduction. You need this is you have cell phone service with AT&T!!! PM me with questions. Thanks.
Price drop. You know you need this!
Price reduction. Back up.
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