I had been researching ways to save weight on my car through the use of CF and Titanium parts. I started with Titanium lug bolts and found out how astronomically expensive they could be. I then connected with a company that made these for me, custom. These are real Titanium GR5 bolts and I'm very pleased with the outcome!

So it turns out I need to use adapters now, so I need longer bolts, and these are up for sale.

First $200 takes them

14 x 1.25 28mm thread

Pending this sale, I'm still going to to put together a small group buy(depending on interest)

If any of you are interested please reply here and hit me on IM. I'll put together a list and order tracking for all to see. The sets will go for about $200 for 28mm thread; $220 for 35mm and $240 for 43mm + shipping. Depending on the number of full sets the price will do down. specs for F8X with long heads or regular, cone seats AND CUSTOM LOGO! There is about a 2 week lead time.

Here are some color combos available, Natural, Gold, Burnt Blue

Looking forward to it!