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Hey everyone,
A few months ago I scoured the internet looking for help diagnosing a problem I was having with my 7. I drove the car to work one day and when I went to start it to get some lunch the car didn't do anything. (i.e. I can arm/disarm the car but I have no dash lights, no radio, horn, etc.) I checked everything I know to check and I have at this point given up on the car. I will give all the information that I have on the car as well as some pictures.

Location: Chesapeake, OH 45619
V.I.N.: WBAGJ6326SDH35508
Mileage: 195k (around)
Transmission: Automatic
Serviced: Ever 3-4K using Mobile 1 Full Syn
Car Needs: ignition switch and lock drum (happened after the fact)
Title: Salvage
Asking Price: Best Offer (I know the sticky says to have a price but I wouldn't know what to ask.)

The car also comes with a good A/C compressor, Expansion tank, and evaporator, as well as 4 20" Konig Appeals in so/so shape and with 3 good tires (2 of which were new), speaker box w/ 2 Audiobahn 12" subs and a Rockford 3002 amp (it came with the car and I don't want it)

Also, if someone buys this vehicle they have to work shipping the vehicle.


You can call me @ (304)-972-3921 all inquiries and offers welcome


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