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extra radio was going to put into another car but sold it so here it is..

no harness but anyone would do. i also do not have the remote but honestly, unless you're in a stretched e30, there's no need or point for one. i also do not have the mic for hands free but any mic would do (even ones from a PC).

plays right off any USB key (i have a 4 gig attached to the one in the iX). bluetooth works great... don't even know where to begin explaining how well it works. just get in the car and since you've already paired the device, it automatically connects. once the call comes in, it pauses and rings. you can set auto-pick up or manual. if your phone's protocol allows it, it can even display your text messages. you can dial, redial, check call history all from the radio. so you can keep your phone in a bag or keep it in your pocket.

Specs found here:

$175 shipped.

regular paypal please. thanks!
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