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Selling my mtech-I front bumper painted steel grey metallic. This is the one that comes with the sports package also referred to as m-aero package bumper, etc etc.The passenger bottom has minimal rock chips due to the ****ty roads here in soCAL and the driver side front has a little paint chip due to the ****ty worksmanship of new century bmw however the bottom still shows steel grey kuz somehow when i went in to get the paintjob done kuz it chipped before they somehow just painted over it entirely (pictures will show u this). Nonetheless this thing is up for sale. Included will be the front bumper, fog light covers, grille, and airducts. NO FOGLIGHTS OR BUMPER MOLDINGS. i'm looking for $300 obo. Leave a message here or PM me if you have further questions :thumbup:

the paint chip is there .. can't really see it sorry .. if u need something closer i'll take it closer .. i pretty much took the chip away .. u just see a empty spot there but underneath it is steel grey as u can see from the picture kuz they just overlayed the bumper with another spray of paint (and yes i know the foglight cover is missing .. the paint shop has it right now)

the dirty rock chips

and just the rest of the bumper .. couldn't take it fully as one kuz i was blocked in sorry
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