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After running this for a very busy year of autox and a few trips to the track I've decided to move onto a dedicated track car, I can't bring myself to tear this very nice street car down to race weight.

If the proposed SCCA rule changes stand this will be a GREAT SM car, it also fits well into NASA ST2 and is a FANTASTIC street sleeper.

As it sits it won two regional classes in autox this year. Its done 1:24 at PIR with a newbie driver (me) on street tires and 12.4 @ 116 in the 1/4 (that was pre-final tune with the engine work on star specs)

The big points:
97 4 door sedan - originally an e36 m3 auto - car currently has ~157k on the clock - swap was done at ~142k clean title
swap is from an 02 transmarobird had ~72k on it when it was swapped
subframe and headers are samberg pieces
Swap is entirely OBD2 emissions compliant - this is the ONLY e36 I know of that is obd2 compliant - you'll be able to register this car in any non CARB state without issue.
Every part of the car works - from AC to all dash lights and other systems, the swap is 100% complete

02 ls1 swap - originally an ls6 block
243 cylinder heads mildly worked over
EPS 226/230 .598/.609 112lsa+2 cam
TEA dual .660 max lift valve springs w/titanium retainers & hardened pushrods
ls6 PCV system
ls6 intake
36lb injectors (42lb @ ls1 rail pressure)
underdrive pulley
hptuners (will be included at asking price with 4 unused credits + all previous tuning files for car)
2.5 exhaust off headers through spun cats to center spintec muffler to 3" custom exhaust with magnaflow in the back - it sounds great and is never raspy or loud in the cabin.
ls7 clutch
all aluminum e36 radiator
double line locks (to retain ABS but allow normal line lock function)
ls3 oil pump
ls3 timing chain
ls7 lifters
MSD plug wires
lightly ported MAF & throttle body

I have not dynoed the car since the performance additions - it should put down a bit north of 400 to the wheels. My current tune is very modest - I can't use all the power on the street tires so I have not spent the time to optimize the timing curve to get every ounce of power out of the motor but it runs exceptionally well in all daily driving circumstances (you'd be amazed how often a tuned car runs terribly under AC load.) stock post swap the car put down 315whp with the exhaust.

3.91 LSD rear end
new koni yellows - on-car adjustables front & rear
Ground Control complete springs - 425f/425r spring rates
Ground Control rear upper shock mounts
swapped 96+ stock m3 upper hats (-3.25 camber)
UUC swaybarbarian front sway bar
new factory m3 front lower control arms and bushings
new front sway bar endlinks
e46 rtabs with delrin limiters
all bushings in rear end were replaced with new after swap
rear subframe bushings are Powerflex with larger rear washers (to combat documented cupping problem)
diff mounts are AKG 75D delrin - with heavy duty front diff bolt
rear subframe has been reinforced in the normal areas - including sway bar mounting points
ebay strut tower bar (it helpd a little at autox)
have rtab pocket reinforcements but they have not been installed
bimerworld front undertray
clutch master cylinder is a wilwood 13/16" with custom mount (to balance the ls7 clutch pedal feel)
17x8.5 kosei k1s wrapped in dunlop star specs - low on tread but still good
proper offset spacers on front for square setup clearance
hawk blue front track pads (as an extra set - all 4 corners have standard street pads on it normally)
ATE super blue brake fluid
bronze brake slider pin bushings

non-sunroof car - very rare
black vader fronts - drivers seat has a seam that has come unsewn
euro e36 m3 3 spoke steering wheel with new factory clock spring
18 button OBC - no dead pixels
kenwood kdc-x994 reciever w/bluetooth, USB & mic wired
pair of Schroth 4 point e36 clip-in harnesses
hurst shifter ball in stock e36 location
autodim rearview mirror from 7 series

Swap specific parts:
relocated ABS pump
AN power steering pressure hose
3" aluminum driveshaft with rear adapter to BMW rear end
custom AC lines to mate bmw components to LS compressor
solid steering shaft with sound deadener wrapping
relocated heater valve
complete wiring integration with computer in stock bmw location
volvo pusher fan in stock aux location
corvette fpr/fuel filter & AN6 fuel feed with fire shield
GM fuel tank pressure sender (req for emissions)

I've replaced various parts as needed that aren't shown here as normal wear and tear, the alternator, vss sender, water pump, and ignition switch immediately come to mind.
MTL in the diff, synthetic dex in the t56, & castrol synth in the motor

The bad:
there are two sections of clear peel on the roof by the drivers back seat and along the passenger roof line - the mirrors have also clear peeled - I keep good wax on it and it covers the peel well.
the trim piece above the rear license plate has faded a bit - the car came from arizona which explains the fade & the peel
the steering rack is nearing replacement, it marks its territory but doesn't lose enough fluid to be worrisome - I had intended to put in a shorter z4m rack
one of the headlights has a chip in it (stock plastic lens)
coin holder in the middle interior stack is missing - it broke and I haven't replaced it yet.

Build thread link:

videos of the car doing what it does best can be found here

Exhaust idle clip

The car is very well sorted, a total blast to drive, sounds great and needs nothing. I've driven it about 15k miles since the swap and have spent a huge amount of time sorting every detail and solving any problems that have cropped up (Don't be surprised to see an errant wire or similar if you come look at it, I'm frequently testing a new wire routing or similar to solve a small issue or improve reliability in an area.)When a part was worn it was replaced with a new one, when something didn't work it was changed. I'm sure I'm forgetting details here, I have a well documented build thread where I have hidden no issues I've had with the car. I have also kept a fairly complete journal of work on the car and issues to address that i've checked off as they've been sorted and I have every receipt to every part that went on the car.

I'm looking for 17.9k which is about what I'm into the whole deal for parts. I'm willing to offset some parts for stockers in the appropriate places or keep some parts to lower the price (harnesses, hptuners, stuff like that, I'm not looking to part the car or anything silly) I'd also be interested in partial trades to get me towards my next endeavor of a Lotus Super seven rep - namely miata or s2000 donor cars or similar.

I can best be reached at [email protected]. Car is available for test drives/showing in the Portland metro area; I'm not looking for tire kickers or joy riders. I understand this car is a specialty offering and am more than willing to pickup people at the airport or help with shipping - I'd really like to see this car go to an enthusiast who will continue to love it as I have.
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