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FS: *SOLD* 2004 BMW 330Ci ZHP 101K miles Silver 6MT

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Very clean car, although I think you are asking too much for a 100k mile car, even if it's a ZHP (and in great condition). You can buy an M3 for your asking price, sometimes even less. GLWS regardless :thumbup:

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Thanks for the compliment. There's no question that pricing is tricky. It's all about finding the happy medium for both parties. I'm open to reasonable offers! :D
Sweet car! Good luck with the sale. Hope you don't mind holding onto it for a while at that price, though.
Lowered to $16k
too far away for me, but nice car good maintenance, it'll sell soon enough
I like your optimism. Hopefully you are right.
Dropped to $15,490
Very nice Nick. I hate to see people sell cars like this. I hope it goes to a good home.
I do too. I'd like to have a BMW again some day when I can have two cars, but right now I need something a little more utilitarian. The catch is finding a buyer. The car is in great shape. Yes, it has some miles, but the car has been maintained well, hasn't been driven hard, and should go for another 100k with general maintenance and proper care.
Price drop to $15,200. Pictures added.
Weekend bump
Lowered to $14,990 OBO.
i am very interested in a 2004-06 BMW 330ci ZHP 6 speed or SMG. had to let go of mine a couple of years ago and on the hunt for another.... i tracked down mine via VIN search and it recently sold for 12,500 with 180k and paint is a tad better with no scratches or dings!!

i would seriously consider your bmw if i weren't in Ontario, Canada.... Hmmm I've never been to California before!! ha...

seriously tho... if i do not have any luck finding one this may be an alternative!!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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