Item is original 2008 BMW X3 (E83) engine oil heater/cooler removed from vehicle with 187,000 miles. The gasket had worn a groove in the mounting plate as pictured, resulting in a slight external oil weep. Unit has been milled to provide a flat, smooth gasket mating surface. If your cooler continues to leak, despite repeated gasket changes, the unit itself may be to blame. Unit can be swapped out in under a half hour. This unit offers bi-directional heat transfer, cooling oil at operating temperature and heating the oil on cold-starts. Unit is being sold as-is and good for those who's cooler is grooved as this one was, or those looking to add a cooler to their N51/N52 cheaply. This unit was used on the higher output N52 (260 hp) in the E83 chassis; N52s in E9x chassis often did not have this cooler, which is a worthy addition, especially for those that track their cars. Unit has NOT been reinstalled on a vehicle since milling and comes with no warranty or guarantee. Payment via paypal.

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