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In response to details in these threads ......

Today, I worked out a group buy of sorts for the dealer sourced FSU used in at least the E38, E39, and E46 with the specific part number 64116923204.

So that I don't screw up the details, here they are from those threads:
Whose BMW USA dealer sells the Genuine OEM FSU at the best price?
You can plug the part number 64116923204 into to compare prices.
Try the dealer in Lincoln, Nebraska:
If you are in New England or on the East Cast, call Bill Dodge BMW, Westbrook ME. They typically offer 20%-30% off all OEM parts if you set up a no-cost account. They have done group buys for this forum. Shipping is very fast (overnite within NE).
Hi Fudman,
I called the Bill Dodge Auto Group and arranged with Mike a deal for Bimmerfest members only, for the genuine BMW FSU.

Here's the scoop, for Bimmerfest members, good only until the bi-monthly price changes on them in the parts book!

  • Bill Dodge Auto Group
    • 5 Saunders Way, Westbrook, ME 04092
    • (877) 821-4127 (ask for BMW parts)
    • Hours (EST): 7:30 am to 6:30 pm Mon-Thu (7:30 am to 5:00 pm Fri)
This offer applies to all E38, E39, E46, and whatever other vehicles use the specific Genuine BMW blower resistor (aka Final Stage Unit) part number 64116923204.

The Bill Dodge BMW normal price today, for PN 64116923204, if you do not mention Bimmerfest, is $142.24 + shipping.

If you call them, and mention you want the Bimmerfest price, they will send it to you for $95 + shipping.

All discounts have already been applied to that price. Shipping will be UPS or USPS, whatever is cheapest (or customer preference), and will be based on your zip code.

You can speak with Ed, Mike, Ron, or anyone else there, to get that bimmerfest-only price. Again, that price is good only until the price changes on them. (If you find the price changed, either post here or PM me and let me know the price so I can update the thread.)

I'll post this as a separate thread in the E39, E46, and E38 forums.
FSU Picture & PN

Please PM or better yet, please post any suggestions to improve access of the E38, E39, and E46 owners to the genuine BMW blower resistor when yours fails.
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