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Dear all,

I have a 2013 X1 E84 diesel. I recently have been noticing that the analog fuel gauge on the cluster does not go to full when fueling it up to the brim.

I got to know how to access the hidden menu with the trip reset button. I found out that the cluster is working fine. The needle went all the way to the top like when I bought it.

In the hidden menu, I checked the fuel tank menu 6.0 and found that there are 45 litres of fuel in the tank - 13.8 liters on the left and 32 liters on the right. Is this normal? Should the left and right tank partitions have the same amounts of fuel?

The corresponding raw data values from the sensors for the above liters are 326.3 Ohm and 773 Ohms respectively.

Should I change the fuel sender on the left to fix this problem?

Thanks for your feedback,


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