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Fuel Pump Relay Question

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So I ordered a new main and fuel pump relay off of They said the fuel pump relay was specific for my 85 325e however when it arrived at my house it was a 5 prong relay. I wanted to install the new relays this weekend and decided to check autozone, advanced auto etc. to see if I could pick one up at the store. The fuel pump relays that are listed on the website are between $55-85 a piece. Bavauto has 4 prong relays for $9. Should the fuel pump relay be so expensive or will the relay on bavauto do thee trick?
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Bravauto has good stuff. you put the correct car type and year? They have great customer service so you could always give them a call.
Found the correct relay for $27 on rockauto today. Hoping this will solve the starting issue. Keeping my fingers crossed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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