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I have been chasing a problem on my 2002 X5 E53 M54 Engine.

The first errors I was seeing was to do with the Idle Control Valve Error Code is D3. So I replaced the ICV. No better. Then I started seeing Fuel Trims on both banks (Error E3 and E4). Shortly after that I started seeing code 44 as well which is to do with the tank vent solenoid.

Here is what I have done thus far to try and fix this.

Removed the Intake manifold.
Replaced all vacuum hoses
Replaced Vac control valve on back of manifold
Replaced the PCV system and put on a new PCV system
Replaced the Idle Control valve (twice)
Replaced ICV Gromet
Replaced the Intake rubber boot
Cleaned out the intake manifold
Cleaned all the fuel injectors
Checked DISA - works fine
Have not done anything with the O2 sensors as they are not that old at all and seem to be throwing off correct voltages
Replaced one-way vacuum valve
Replaced secondary air pump control valve
Checked to make sure secondary air pump is working (it is)
Checked MAF - seems to be working ok
Checked to see if I have any air leaks elsewhere and cannot find any
Checked fuel pressure at Schrader valve - 55psi and holds at minimum of 35 psi for at least an hr after shutdown
Tried swapping the tank vent solenoid - no better although the 44 error did not appear after doing that

I am at wits end - anyone have any ideas?

Car runs fine until it warms up and then throws these errors and goes into limp mode with all sorts of lights on the dash.

See attached photos of the errors being thrown and lights on the dash. Appreciate any insights anyone can offer.

Thanks in advance.



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I replaced my MAF with a spare one I had here and so far no codes on a 20 mile test drive. Fingers crossed. Surprised if that was the issue as my MAF was less than 2 years old.
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