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Hey, I am new to this forum and i have read lots and lots.
I got the car with 230,000km engine is from a 328i and got rebuilt at 200,000 so engine has about 30,000 on it right now fresh.
The car was half ass maintained, so lots of wear items need to get replaced and I'm working on that now. My main concern is the suspension front and rear. Car is very loose.
I just had my rear differential almost fall off because my misjudgement to look at the bushings and stuff when i got the car.
So i have had to fix that and got the reinforcement kit.

So my question to you guys is that i need help choosing parts.
So bushings,Shocks,Control Arms, everything.
I do not want coil overs because i have eibach lowing springs so i just need new shocks.

So here is what i was thinking for parts.

Shocks: koni STR.T Street &hash=item4aae9985a4&vxp=mtr

Full Kit: &hash=item231b4a21b0&vxp=mtr

Rear Control Arm: Should i go adjustable or Stock?

Sway bar: &hash=item564aad629c&vxp=mtr

X brace: Ill pick on up from junk yard and re spray it.

Rear Diff bolt not even attached
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