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Well I found it funny, draw your own conclusion. :dunno:

I was sitting with a friend at a coffee shop who is considering a new 330Ci to replace 323Ci. He says he wanted 'that dark blue that looks black at night'. I said 'Oh you mean Orient Blue'. He says 'No that is not it.' Knowing I was right, I decided not to to press it because I know he will find this out before he orders his car.

Then his buddy drives up in a brand new 330Ci, which is obviously (to me) Topaz blue.

My buddy walks over to confirm that the colour on that car is actually the 'Orient Blue' I was talking about. The guy that owns the car confirms that it is in fact 'Orient Blue'.

Now I am a bit uncertain of myself, I concede to them that I am am confused and I am sure that if he just bought the car, he should know what colour it is. My friend has that smug 'I'm right' look on his face.

So they keep talking. I subtly start looking around the car for the sticker that says what colour it is. I remember (from someone's signature here) that there is such a sticker on the strut pillar (except on mine which is missing for some reason). I pop the hood and there it is... topasblau...

Motioning my friend and the car owner over, I motioned to the sticker. My friend and I now swap the said smug look... :D

The best thing for me was the stunned look on the car owners face!:yikes:

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Re: he better return it

ChrisTO said:
unbelievable that he didn't know the colour of his own car. next you'll tell him that he has an auto. and not a manual...
Some Step drivers seem to have that problem :dunno:

"look, I can swith gears, it must be manual!" :p :thumb:
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