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unleasHell said:
Just got the new (Sept. 2002) Wards AutoWorld magazine, it is an atuo industry free-mag., so I am not sure how anyone could find it...

On the cover is a silver M3 CSL (Coupe Sport Lightweight), it looks basically like the existing M3 (very nice). It has many body panels made of Carbon Fiber which makes the car wiegh about 400lbs less!

The engine is boosted to 370hp! 0-60 times are quoted as being "about 4.5 seconds". Then the say it is 6% faster than the existing M3. The introduction of this M3 CSL will be either late 2002 or early 2003.

The carbon fiber panels are made by a company in Texas.

Regarding the 3-Series, the E46 will be replaced by the E90.
this is all old info--just do a search here or on any search engine for M3 CSL
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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