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future motors: 3.5L engine? 6 or 8?

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it's difficult to ascertain whether the upcoming engines from munich are going to be a new big 6, i.e. 3.5litres, or a small v8 3.5litres or 4.0 litres.

can anyone shed light on this?

guessing we will also see valvetronic inline sixes sooner than later?

thanks for any input. am sure there is a lot of knowledge which will come out of the woodwork.
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It's very likely that 6 cylinders will get Valvetronic (all articles indicating that which I read lately)

I don't think that 8 cylinder will find a place in the 3 Series, maybe in the next M3.

In of the article it was saying that a 6 cylinder biturbo is being developed (380hp), but again for the E60.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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