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FYI - Executive Preference Program (X5 and other models)

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After researching websites, forums, etc for about a month, I finally pulled the trigger on a 2011 X5 35d. See attached pics. It's my first Bimmer and I couldn't be happier so far. The reason for the post is that my dealer mentioned the Executive Preference Program and I had not heard about it or seen it mentioned anywhere in forums.

If you receive monthly reimbursements (based on mileage or fixed costs, or both) from your company for car expenses (via Runzheimer or any other vehicle reimbursement service) you are probably eligible for the Executive Preference Program (EPP). Basically, BMW offers invoice pricing minus an EPP discount that varies based on which model you decide to purchase (ex. $1,000 off 1 series, $3,000 any 3 series or X3, $4,000 off of any X5, etc) to those that qualify for EPP. Your company has to provide BMW with some basic information in order to sign up for the program, but after that, you are all set. I am still in the process of getting my company involved even though I did not wait for the final approval of the EPP for the purchase of my X5 35d. Mostly because I had already negotiated the dealer within a couple hundred dollars of invoice, and the diesel included the $3,500 eco credit. However, if I wanted a gasoline X5, I would've waited it out and taken the extra $4,000 off of invoice.

This is a copy of a slightly edited (I removed the names) email that BMW Corporate Sales sent to my company's fleet program manager, describing the program and what is necessary to join:

Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 1:27 PM
Subject: BMW Executive Preference Program (EPP)

Good afternoon. My name is …Corporate Sales Manager at BMW NA. I have received the letter of enrollment for …. I would like to take this opportunity to review with you the details of the program to ensure clarity. The program is a fleet program whereas BMW NA makes available certain discounts to our corporate enrolled members. This is not an all employee program and only eligible drivers can participate. We work with all of the major fleet companies ARI, PHH, GE, Leaseplan, Wheels Inc and others to offer this program to their clients drivers. In addition this program is for drivers that receive a reimbursement like... However as this is a corporate program we would like to enroll BSC into the program so that any eligible fleet driver can take advantage of EPP.

Here are some specifics on the program.

On the basis of the BMW Executive Preference Program we would like to offer you / your Executives and fleet drivers two options:

* Option I refers to BMW vehicles that are funded by a Fleet Management Company ,other Financial Institutions (i.e. Bank) or are cash purchased "company owned"
* Option II relates to vehicles that are retail financed by BMW Financial Services at a BMW Center. Please note that leasing direct through BMW Financial Services is currently not an option under the EPP program.

Vehicle pricing is based on dealer/invoice/cost less the EPP incentive, this is a below invoice fleet program.

Corporate customers are given high priority at BMW Group through membership in the Executive Preference Program (EPP). It's our way of ensuring your lasting enjoyment of the BMW or MINI ownership experience. These are some of the many benefits of purchasing or financing a new BMW or MINI vehicle through EPP:

* EPP pricing to approved corporate customers.
* BMW Ultimate Service,T3 including no-cost BMW Maintenance for 4 years/50,000 miles, and Roadside Assistance for 4 years/unlimited miles.

* New Vehicle Limited Warranty for 4 years/50,000 miles.
* BMW Assist Safety Program and optional Convenience Program.
* Preferential rates for BMW Performance Driving School courses.
* VIP treatment during scheduled service visits: enjoy complimentary use of a BMW - MINI loaner.
* Access with preferential rates to BMW Group-sponsored events. Where you will be able to test-drive and closely examine numerous BMW/MINI models.

* Access to a dedicated EPP representative at your participating BMW or MINI Dealer.
* A dedicated Corporate Sales Manager at BMW of North America who will answer all your questions, assist with any problems, and ensure a smooth ownership process.
* Invitations to specific BMW Group model launch events, where you will see the latest BMW / MINI models and learn about all the features and technological innovations.

With over 200 dealers nationwide in place you and your drivers can ensure the highest customer service is ready to serve you.

In order to get enrolled into the EPP program we would like a letter from you on your company letterhead with the following information:

* Company Name
* HQs Address
* Number of vehicles in your fleet
* Number of executive vehicles
* Subsidiaries (if any)
* Contact name at the company

* respective contact details phone, email, etc.

* Leasing or Fleet Company
* Reimbursement Company

(if any)

* respective contact details at these company's

BMW NA will issue a EPP Account Number along with an EPP Enrollment Form and a Customer Information Form (CIF) back to you. We will then need the completed EPP Enrollment form, signed by a authorized representative of the company returned to BMW Special Sales. [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

When a vehicle is required simply have the driver supply the Customer Information Form with his information to the BMW Center and the transaction is complete. Conversely, if using a fleet or leasing company supply the form to them and they will submit to the BMW Center when ordering /acquiring a vehicle for you.

Please let me know of any questions. I will go ahead and proceed in authorizing &#8230;.transaction while I await your enrolment letter. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Kind Regards

BMW of North America, LLC
Corporate Sales Manager

"At BMW we don't just make cars, we make JOY.
The story of joy continues at<>."

Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft
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Based on the information in the email, in certain situations, you may have to obtain a lease or financing through an agency other than BMW Financial. IMO, a small nuisance in order to reap a great benefit.

If you get auto reimbursements from your company and are in the market for a new BMW, definitely bring this program to your company's attention and push to have them join. There is no go in with your EPP approval and receive invoice, minus a variable EPP discount on any new brainer. Even though I already purchased my X5, I'm still working with my company and Runzheimer to make sure that we are approved moving forward. My reimbursement company (Runzheimer) already has a similar relationship with MB, no reason that they should be my only option for discounted pricing!

Good luck!


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Sounds like a great deal! I wonder how the IRS views this "discount" program -- additional income perhaps????? I am sure the tax folks among us will have some comments. There have been fewer and fewer "free lunches" with these progams and it might be worth checking to see if you will have an unexpected tax bill. Just a thought.:yikes:
If/when I get my company on board, I'll take a look at the agreement and make note of any quirks in the fine print (ie. Tax implications). Thanks for the heads up.
Executive Discount

These company's????

Are we not smarter than the average fifth grader?



: puke:
Executive Discount

These company's????

Are we not smarter than the average fifth grader?



: puke:

respective contact details at these company's
I don't really care about his grammar when he's offering me $4,000 off invoice on a new X5...
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