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FYI, passanger restraint system recall

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I just got my used 2005 745LI, I new it had a fault code of passanger restraint system fault but was sure I could deal with it myself. After doing research here, I found a recall was in place for this. I called the BMW dealer and asked if there was any outstanding recalls on my vehicle, the dealer ran my vin and said no. I did more research and called again and told them the specific problem I was having. The did more research and said yes, there is an 10 year extension on the problem. I told them I wanted to make an appointment to have it fixed. Friday will be the day. I have watched other comments here, I will be sure to notify them, if it is not the problem, then do not fix it. I will continue with this post to notify everyone further of any problems.

Lesson is, don't give up with your first NO from the dealer. Ask the next person and be persistant.:)
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