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Garmin C320 Nav

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I just got the new Garmin C320 Nav unit. Will post pics if anyone wants. Any questions -fire away. Works well so far (screen is kinda small). Taking it to Atlanta later this week.

I got it from
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For those of you interested in the Garmin C320, has it on sale for $449 thru tomorrow.
deburn said:
Thanks guitarman, I just ordered it!

Any one know what type of memory (SD etc?) is compatible with the 320?
I think it comes with a 128 MB SD memory card.
Well, I've used my new Garmin C320 for a few trips now and thought I'd report on my experience.

First off, let me say that this unit is very easy to use. Perhaps it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some of the more expensive units, but it does the job of getting you from point a to point b and helps you find every restaurant, shopping center, hotel, gas station, attraction, bar, theatre, golf course, library, church, ATM, school, hospital, airport, car wash, etc along the way.

While the screen is very clear, sufficiently large, and has high resolution, it is true that in direct sunlight, it's hard to see. You need to get just the right angle to avoid glare. This is probably the biggest drawback. At night, or with problem.

The voice announcements of when and where to turn are loud and clear and at just the right intervals.

The accuracy of the unit is amazing. Seems to know where I am within a few feet.

There is an option of "shorter distance" or "faster time." When I chose faster time, it took me down roads with traffic lights. The same destination with shorter distance took me to the highway. In fact, the faster time setting took longer. Not sure what's up with that.

The suction mount on the windshield works well.

That's all for now. All I can say is that it is a very useful toy. Never have to worry about finding a street or getting lost again.

deburn said:
Nice review guitarman. Did you look at any other options before getting the c320?
I based my decision primarily on price. I didn't want to spend too much. Got it for $450. It seemed to do what I wanted it to do and there are not many other GPS units in that price range.
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