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I am a college student, so I want to be money conscious while I make this decision. I drive a 323i (standard 15" tires) and I have narrowed my choices down to Sumitomo HTR 200 and the Kumho ECSTA KH11. They are about the same price, 48 and 47 per tire respectively, but the Kumho has a 40 dollar mail in rebate at this time.

I am not very knowledgeable about tires, but I live in Florida where its hot and it rains often. The Kumho are grand touring summer, and the Sumitomo is a high performance, so it suprises me that the Kumho has a higher speed rating. I have read a tire with a higher speed rating means that the tire steers better overall, but would that still be true in this case?

How are both of these tires going to compare to each other and the stock Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus that I have on now?

Any and all help is grately appreciated, as I need to buy tires this week since my tread is very low one of them gave out yesterday so I am on the spare.
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