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Hi Gary,

I want to order a set of Kosei K1's for an E30 BMW from you guys. I thought I also wanted the 225/50/15 BFG KD's, but I've recently been told that they are actually narrower than Falken Azenis in size 205 (both on 7.5" wheels). He said that the KD's in that size are bowed around the edges, so the contact patch is quite small.

Do you have any idea if the KD's are on the small side, or shaped oddly? I know Andy mentioned that his KD's in 245/xx/17 were monstrously wide, so I was very surprised to hear this.

If I get the KD's I'd be taking a slightly larger diameter tire (bad) in an attempt to get a wider tire (good)... so if it's not actually wider, I'd be pissed.

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