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Hello folks

In selling a set of 4 18" 400m BMW alloys with Bridgestone Potenza tyres.

2 tyres are brand new, 2 have got alot of thread on them. I took them off my 3 series 1 week after I bought it. I got the car from BMW used approved so you know the condition of them is up to BMW standard :)

The only problem on 1 of the wheels there is a small curb mark, everything else is perfect

Im after £650 for them.

Im in Liverpool UK, pick up only please

Cheers ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886382.448039.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886397.219698.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886412.484950.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886427.542908.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886445.310571.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886458.800914.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886472.524615.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886487.805872.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886501.121857.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886527.085254.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886545.969467.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886560.021172.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886573.793547.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886589.266187.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1467886599.788705.jpg
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