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I am doing a auto to manual switch. Got a Getrag 260 manual transmission from a 325E 3/87. Got a new manual drive shaft that matches my car a 325ic 10/87. Everything seemed ok till I put the driveshaft in place. On the transmission the spacing between bolts on the tri-flange is 3.5 inches but on the driveshaft it is 2-5/8 inches. Bigger flange on transmission than on driveshaft?
I was reading on-line that there were two different output flange sizes. Was this the year it changed 3/87 to 10/87?

Can I replace the flange on the transmission with the smaller flange?
Other alternative is to get a 325E 3/87 driveshaft with the bigger flange but then would the differential end work?

Any help would be appreciated

Ordered 325ic smaller flange and yes you can replace the bigger flange with a later smaller flange.
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