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Hey guys,

A friend of mine has a rotary polisher that an old friend of his gave him. He hasn't used it, and isn't even sure what brand it is. He said I can have it if I want. I've been interested in getting one, but afraid to use it for fear of burning my clear coat. I was thinking of going to the junk yard and finding a small car panel to practice on.

My question is, does anyone have any resources, or tips, learning how to use one of these rotary polishers? YouTube hasn't really been helpful.


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How to Remove Paint Defects Like a Pro ***8211;
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***8226;Removing swirls and scratches
***8226;Hand sanding techniques
***8226;Removing sanding marks & paint blemishes
***8226;Machine sanding techniques
***8226;Restoring optical clarity, depth & gloss after compounding Meguiar's Proper Machine Polishing Video

Meguiar's Proper Machine Polishing Video -

Optimum Rotary Video I -
The real secret is; Practice, Practice and more P...
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