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OK, this has to do with a primary lack of knowledge about the M62 engine in a 2002 540i.

I just spent last Sunday replacing all the software in the intake system, which repaired a nasty idle problem. The car runs well.

And I spent a couple of hours this morning changing out the brake pads and sensors.

A couple of days ago the SES light came on. Pulled the codes using a Peake tool and got:

8C - Map controlled thermostat circuit/control

22 - Camshaft VANOS control, Cyl #5-8

62 - Evaporative emission system purge valve

Yesterday I replaced the bitemperature thermostat, the Camshaft Position Sensor on the left bank and the purge valve.

Today I am getting the same codes, :mad: which leads me to believe my guesstimates were entirely wrong.:cry:

Can anyone out there share some insight into what the likely causes are?

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