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Gift or a doughnut (15w 40)

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My neighbor knows I'm in the garage a great deal.
Left me a gift and a note... He's moving. And there at the garage door was a jug of T4 15w40 Rotella diesel motor oil...can i use this? Or is this a fat doughnut for me (can't use)?
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15w 40 seems way too thick even for the m57.
Yeah, I'll try to sell it.

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Rotella 15w-40 (white bottle is conventional, grey is semi-syn and blue is full syn) is amazing oil. I like it better than full synthetics. That’s all I run in my ‘60s air cooled motors; the 70s and 80s pushrod GMs take Rotella 10w-30. My lead ship’s engineer runs it in his Subarus, and they’re very happy with it. UOAs on my VW are far better with the white bottle than FS Mobil 1.

Give it a try and run a UOA on the following oil change. No one is going to buy second hand oil from anyone. If you don’t want it, pay it forward. A landscaper would love to have it.

You didn’t just buy a BMW if money was of any concern, did you? ;)
Yep Rotella is huge among the turbo Subaru owners last I knew. Never ran it myself.
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