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Was just passing a construction site on my way to work. Going about 50, traffic on my tail on a 2 lane road. I notice a van sitting in the entrance to the site, looks heavy (the rear springs are pretty compressed) and it look like he is heading into the site. All of a sudden he guns it and starts spinning his wheels. Needles to say dirt and rocks the size of my fist are hurled into the road. I took a large hit on my rocker panel casing a nice 3-4" white scrape mark. Unfortunatly there was no room to manuever and little time as this all happened about 50' from the entrance and closing. If I didn't know any better I would have guess the driver spun out on purpose. Anyway, I HATE friggen construction sites!!!:mad: :mad:
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The urban autoX :yikes:
JD said:
Anyway, I HATE friggen construction sites!!!:mad: :mad:
My town is installing new water mains on my street, and surrounding streets. So far, no damage.:thumb: But, It is next to impossible to keep my car clean. On dry days the dust is thick. On wet days, mud all over the place:thumbdwn: :thumbdwn:
I once was passed on the freeway by a gravel truck (I was doing 70, the gravel truck 80 mph) and he cut into my lane with about 1 car length room, chuck of gravel comes off, breaks the headlites on our Camaro we had at the time. I raced up next to him, copied down the number on the side of the truck and called it into the state patrol as a hit and run. The company paid for my headlite. :)
Since moving into the new home, I have lived on a construction site for the past seven months! As I type, there is a huge Cement Mixer, Cement Pumper, and the all the support trucks in my front yard pouring my patio and sidewalks. There is dirt, sand, mud, and dust everywhere. I have had four flat tires on my cars in 45 days from screws and nails!

The upside says sod goes in at the end of the month and my 4th of July BBQ will be all bliss....
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