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Closer said:
D-Patrick in Evansville. Im thinking Ill stick with them because we've been going there for years, and I like all the people.
Cool! I was concerned that you might say Dryer-Reinbold in Indianapolis. When it comes to negotiating they only seem to recognize 4 letters: M-S-R-P.

The other guys in this post gave good advice; know exactly what you want and the price range over invoice that you are willing to settle for.

If they aren't willing to meet it, then walk out and start sending e-mails to other dealers in a radius that you are willing to travel to. Just about every dealership has an internet service manager, so there should be no difficulty in getting a response, and rapidly at that. (Actually I always do this part first; if you walk in and show that you know your stuff and have already shopped around and have a firm offer, the client adviser isn't as apt to stroke you).

One last bit of advice; seriously consider doing European Delivery (ED). You can save enough on the purchase price to warrant the trip to Europe and/or additional options, plus it may allow you to entertain the idea of upgrading to the 330 level. Many of us on this board have done it (ED), and now consider it the only way to fly.

Good luck and keep us posted on your results!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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