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Good deal on 325i or keep searching?

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I need some help. I was wondering if this is a good deal for a 2002 325i

Sport package
On board computer
Harman Kardon
Heated seats
Metallic paint

For a total of $33115 not including taxes and registration fees. The price is $1800 over invoice. Would I be able to get $1000 or $1500 over invoice anywhere in New Jersey?

This is just from a dealership in New Jersey. Can I get a better deal anywhere else in Northern New Jersey? There was no car on the lot at the dealership I went to. I did not want the premium package because I dont want the wood trim.

Thanks for your time
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That sounds preety good for NJ.

What dealership?

I was able to work a pretty good deal on my 325XI at Gearhart, but found other dealers not wanting to budge much from MSRP.

(actually Morristown matched the offer, but, I have not heard good things about their service)

Gearhart's fleet of BMW loaners, and past service experinces there made it even more appealing:thumb:
Most likely 1200 or 1500 over invoice is pretty common. I got my 2002 325i for 1200 over invoice including the floor mats. I ordered Step,PP,SP,Metallic,Leather,HK,Folding seats, it came out to 34488 before tax and lic. Make sure you include the floor mats with the deal.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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