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Good deal?

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2011 328xi sedan
jet black
standard interior
Automatic transmission
premium package
value package
comfort access

MSRP $43050
sell $40100
Monthly $471
$6968 inception which includes the 4000 refundable security deposit
725 Acquisition
.0017 MF
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Sounds like too much for the security deposit. Even with the max of 7 x $500 (your $471 payment rounded up to nearest $50 increment), the total security deposit would be $3,500.
If you aren't an existing customer of BMWFS, an additional security deposit is required - waived for future leases/purchases.
Ah...didn't know that. So one can do 7 add'l security deposits - in addition to the required (or waived) deposit? I was thinking that seven total was the max.

Then the OP's deposit #s make sense. Thanks for the clarification.
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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