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This morning I found some sort of residue on the hood of my car. It looks like some sort of liquid streaked down the front, between the grill and the left headlight. It left some sort of clear, tough coating on the hood that I just can't seem to remove, no matter what I do. I'm worried that it might have eaten into the clearcoat and beyond.

What I'm looking for is a good detailer who might be able to take a look at it and see if there is any actual damage, and if so, if it can be repaired without repainting the hood. I live in Irvine now, so anything in this vicinity would be ideal. I just moved down here though, so I don't know much about good detailers or even body shops.


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Maybe Marco can help. . .

There is supposed to be a really good detailer in Newport Beach near the Ferrari dealer.

Ask Marco at the Carnuba Store in Costa Mesa (949) 574 - 7676. His is not a detailing shop itself, but he supplies a lot of detailers.
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