A BMW Blog report alleging that the F80 M3 would be discontinued in May has now been refuted by a BMW spokesperson.

The report alleged that BMW, as a result of a new, larger particulate filter, would can the M3 until the next generation model arrives.

Now, The Drive reports that this is not the case.

"There is no plan to stop the BMW M3 production this May," a BMW spokesperson told The Drive. "Production will conclude when the all-new model is being launched."

The BMW Blog allegation was sad, but also perplexing, since the M4 is subject to the same particulate filter rule, but BMW reportedly just wanted to replace its carbon driveshaft with a slimmer steel one.

The discontinuation of the M3 would have been particularly alarming for its fans, since the G20 M3 isn't expected until 2020.

[source: the Drive]