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When I bought my 525 T, there was a slight vibration at 73 mph. The dealership gave me a DueOrder that they would fix it. I purchased new tires, but I was still feeling the vibration.

I started to think I was crazy...that I just wasn't used to The Ultimate Driving Machine (TUDM?). But just to be safe I went to a local shop I really trust and asked them to check it out. Carry, the manager at Tireman in Thousand Oaks really took care of me. After chastising me for not buying my tires from him, I told him to charge me something, but please check out my car. He was cool, charged me $40 to balance the tires and inspect the suspension.

He said it was fine, the tires weren't balanced properly...probably the cause of the problem.

He said something very interesting. That the suspensions on these cars are almost bulletproof...the only thing that goes wrong is the front lower bushing gets loose...

It was good to hear this about these cars.....and mine...since it's new to me.

Anyone within 50 miles of Thousand Oaks, CA, should definately check out Tireman on Thousand Oaks Blvd. Tell Carry "BSU Matt" sent ya.

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