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I found two, actually. Finally. With all my ranting on my other post, I figure it's only fair to balance it out. :D

Midwest Performance Cars
1385 W. Lake Street
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 492-0090
ask for Lee

The place is in the West Loop right by my condo. It's under the L tracks, and you might drive by it before you see the sign. I saw their ad in our Windy City Chapter newsletter, and they had a good Yelp reviews, so I gave them a call since they were so close to see if I could get in to have them swap off my summer wheels for the winter ones. I had received the mounted/balanced Blizzaks and wheels (which, by the way, have been surprisingly awesome so far) I ordered from Tire Rack the day before, so everything was all ready to go. When I arrived the next AM, I was happy to see race-prepped E36 and E46 M3s as well as an assortment of Porsches and other BMWs in their garage.

When they were done, I headed over to the front desk area to settle up when the guy (Lee) told me not to worry about it. They had a bay open and a mechanic sitting around, so it wasn't any trouble. I think it took a minute to sink in. What a rarity this was. I'll definitely be back for my next item on Mike's "Old School Maintenance" list.

Speaking of, I also had a good experience at European American Motors in Lakeview a little while back. They swapped out my 30,000 mile fluids--manual gearbox oil, diff oil, AWD transfer case oil, engine oil, and power steering fluid. I provided most of the RedLine products myself, and they got the rest of the factory stuff for me. Very reasonably-priced, and they didn't reset the oil indicator in the ECU like I asked so I can get my free 15k oil change at the dealer when it's time. Rudy has a thick Austrian accent, but he was kind enough not to "correct" my Alsatian dialect.

My only concern with this place is that it's a real PITA for me to get to in any sort of traffic. Unless I drop off my car before the crack of dawn and pick it up the same time, it can take 45 minutes to go 5mi on local streets--lucky to get out of 1st the entire way. They primarily had VWs and domestics on the lot, but I did see a late model 7 in a bay.

European American Motors
3541 N Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 929-4288
ask for Rudy

My $.02.

:str8pimpi Rick

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Thanks for the info. I also know that there is a shop on the corner of E. 71st and Dorchester, they do a excellent job there too and all they work on is imports. I cant think of the name of the store but its right on the corner next to the Metra station
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